Meth Pipe, how to smoke meth with a pipe?

Diagram 1.1: Meth Pipe Usage Illustration

Please refer to diagram 1.1 which illustrates how to smoke meth using a glass pipe.

Steps to smoke meth with a Glass Pipe

  1. To start with one must make sure that the glass pipe is clean.
  2. Then one proceeds to place a small amount (approx. 0.1 - 0.2 grams) of crystal meth on the pipe opening as illustrated on the diagram.
  3. Whilst keeping the pipe close to the lips, apply gentle heat towards the bottom part of the pipe head. Warning: Do not over heat as this will release a larger amount of vapor and can lead to overdose if inhaled at once.
  4. Once gentle heating is applied the drug transforms into a liquid state letting of vapor which can be inhaled. Once the heat is removed the drug transforms back to its' original crystal state.
  5. Tip: Meth is poisonous, a quick inhale / exhale is what is required to avoid damaging the body further.

The Water Pipe

Some pipes come in the shape of a U towards the neck of the pipe. These types of Pipes allow you to add a small amount of water which is used for cooling. You may design your own as illustrated in the picture below.

  1. Notice on one end is the glass pipe where the meth drug is placed.
  2. On the other end is a straw to inhale the vapor.
  3. The idea here is to have the straw above water level in order to not suck in water while inhaling.

Cautious Advise

If a meth pipe looks like the following try to avoid using it, you do not want to end up swallowing any of this poisonous toxin that are left behind during the course of time.

Notice how the pipe coloring has changed. This may be a little harder to spot with Glass Pipes that are not transparent in color, therefore one should be observant not to be deceived.


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