The Effects of Crystal Meth on the Body.

How Does Methamphetamine Effect the Body?

Diagram 1.3 Displays some of the direct effects of methamphetamine on the body.

Diagram 1.3: Effects of methamphetamine on the body

Though the effects vary from person to person, it's just a matter of time and gradually many of the effects would be present with short to long term Meth Users.

The Effects of Meth on the Body.

  1. Permanent Nerve Damage
  2. Self Inflected Wounds
  3. Break Down of Muscle Tissues
  4. Bone Weakening from loss of Minerals and Vitamins
  5. Respiratory Failure
  6. Extreme Rise in Body Tempertaure
  7. Loss in Vision
  8. Tooth Decay
  9. Dry Mouth
  10. High Blood Pressure
  11. Increased Heart Beat Rate
  12. Damage to Veins


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