Meth Labs - What is a Meth Lab?

What's a Meth Lab?

A Meth Lab is a facility that is equipped with the required items and products to produce the drug methamphetamine. A Meth Lab may be operational and in the process of production or idle but setup readily to produce methamphetamine.

There are different types of meth labs that vary in objective and size, they may be.

Types of Meth Labs.

  1. Pharmaceutical Laboratories that produce methamphetamine for use in legal medical purposes.
  2. Illegal Large compounds such as a warehouse that are responsible in producing large amounts of methamphetamine usually for wide scale distribution.
  3. Small Rooms like in ones house, usually producing small quantities of methamphetamine for personal use and at times small time distributions.

Dangers of Meth Labs.

Meth labs are hazardous and due to the poisonous and explosive nature of chemicals used in producing the drug methamphetamine, meth labs are considered to be a danger to both the society and individuals involved in the lab. Pharmaceutical industries are at less risk due to experience and safety protocols that are placed by them.


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