Meth Abuse Signs. The symptoms when under the influence of crystal meth.

Meth Abuse - Early Warning Signs

There are some signs, symptoms and behaviour patterns that are evident with meth abuse and can be traced back to it. Collectively observing several of them may indicate the early warning signs that one is abusing or under the influence of the drug methamphetamine. The embedded video above discuses personal experiences and signs when under the influence of Meth.

Meth Early Detection Symptoms

  1. Dilated Pupils
  2. Staying up for days followed by extended sleeping patterns
  3. Loss of Wheight
  4. Eye Twitching
  5. Excited Speech compared to usual
  6. Loss of Food Appetitite compared to normal habits
  7. Increased Heart Beat Rate (Above 72 BPM)
  8. Confused Speech Patterns
  9. Repetitious Behavior
  10. An increased need for cleaning e.g. The Desk
  11. Unpredictable Behavior
  12. Mood Swings
  13. Hyper Activity
  14. Forgetfulness

A Definative Detection of Meth Users

To determine for certain if one is abusing methamphetamine or is using it one may consider a Self Administrated Drug Test Kit specially if it's a family member such as ones child. Two things to remember here.

Tips to approach a person to test them for meth.

  1. Remember this is a sensative matter, one has to be understanding and Emotionally Intelligent in their approach. One could feel very offended if accused of something that turns out not to be true and the element of trust could be broken, all together one might also refuse to be tested.

    Tip: The more the addiction the more one becomes skillfully cunning in hidding it.

  2. The element of suprise is essential. If one knows the test day or in doubts that they would be tested, precautions may be taken by them as there are many available products in the market that when used would falsify a Drug Test Result to appear to be negative.

Approaching A User under the influence of Meth

Be very careful when approaching a user under the influence of meth, some are dilutional and if a user hasn't slept in days may become very paranoid and aggressive. Keep your distance, be calm and speak slowly and make sure they know you are there to help. Do Not Approach: If you feel aggressiveness, get help in this case.


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