Long Term Side Effects of Smoking Meth

Long Term Impacts of Methamphetamine

Though studies from the date of this article (April 2010) has not yet fully concluded what the long term side effects of using Meth are, some side effects have been proven to be evident. In addition to the short term side effects, the long term side effects include.

Long Term Physical Side Effects of Methamphetamine

  1. Addiction
  2. Damage to Brain Cells
  3. Extreme Weight Loss
  4. Damage of Blood Vessels
  5. Dental Problems
  6. Skin Abscesses
  7. Weakening of the Immune System
  8. Memory Loss
  9. Seizures

Long Term Psychological Side Effects of Methamphetamine

  1. Psychosis
  2. Paranoia
  3. Aggressive Behavior
  4. Mood Instability
  5. Delusions
  6. Suicidal Thoughts
  7. Schizophrenia


  1. How Meth Destroys The Body

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